सरकारले मलेसिया र खाडी मुलुकमा रोजगारमा जाने कामदारसँग कुनै पनि पैसा लिन नपाइने व्यवस्था गरेको छ । यो व्यवस्थासँगै मेनपावर कम्पनीले खाडीका ६ वटा मुलुक र मलेसियामा कामदार पठाउँदा हवाई टिकट, प्रवेशाज्ञाबापत लाग्ने खर्चलगायत कुनै पनि शुल्क लिन पाउने छैनन् । नयाँ
Minister for Labour and Transport Management Mohammad Aftab Alam has stressed a dignified, systematic and result-oriented foreign employment sector. Speaking at a discussion programme on the effects of remittance on the economy of Nepal organized by the International Organization on Migration here
The number of Nepali workers leaving for foreign employment tumbled by 17 percent during the first eight months of this fiscal year as compared to the same period last year. The Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) revealed that the number of Nepali
In line with the gradual recovery of destination countries from global economic meltdown, the number of Nepali job seekers leaving for overseas destinations saw a growth of 18.5 percent in first nine months of fiscal year 2009/10 as compared to corresponding
Prioritize foreign employment: Report     REPUBLICA KATHMANDU, May 30: A report prepared by International Organization for Migration (IOM) has suggested the government to allocate at least 5 percent of the total budget to promote foreign employment sector, which is the base of the nation´s
Keeps mum about visa cancellation of 55,000 Bangladeshis Staff Correspondent Putting aside 55,000 Bangladeshi workers whose visas were cancelled in March last year, Malaysia is hiring one lakh Nepalese workers after more than a year of ban on recruiting foreign workers. Malaysia banned hiring
REPUBLICA KATHAMNDU, April 5: Malaysian ambassador to Nepal Dato´ Ilankovan Kolandavelu has asked Nepali manpower agencies to cooperate with the Malaysian authorities for repatriation of undocumented and overstaying Nepali workers from Malaysia. During the meeting with office-bearers of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment
कतारका लागि नेपाली राजदुत डा. सुर्यनाथ मिश्रले दोहास्थित नेपाली राजदुतावासमा २ बर्षअघि आफ्नो कार्यभार सम्भालेदेखि नै कतारस्थित नेपाली समुदायका पक्षमा निकै जनपि्रय काम गर्दै आएका छन् । कतारमा कार्यरत नेपालीहरूका पक्षमा यथासक्य जनपि्रय काम गर्दैर् आएकोमा राजदुत डा. मिश्र नेपाली समुदायबाट
Nepal and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday have signed a labour agreement on manpower export to the UAE from Nepal. Minister of State for Labour and Transport Management Ramesh Lekhak and visiting UAE Labour Minister Dr Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Kaabi
FNCCI sends two more JITCO trainees KATHMANDU: Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has sent two industrial trainees to Japan under Japan International Training Co-operation Organisation (JITCO). Tila Hamal of Bardiya and Chemjong Tamang of Rasuwa district left for
Manpower agencies decry GAMCA monopoly Last Updated : 2010-04-20 12:01 PM The Himalayan Times - Saved Articles(s) Himalayan News Service KATHMANDU: Nepali outsourcing agencies and health professional promised to fight jointly against the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) approved Medical Centre’s Association (GAMCA), which has monopoly
क्रान्ति सिंह, ६ असार / कतार  मुलुकमा २ वर्षको समयावधिमा शान्ति प्रकृया निष्कर्षमा नपुग्नु तथा समयमा संविधान नवने पछि थपिएको १ वर्ष भित्र दुवै कुरा वन्नुपर्छ भन्ने दवाव सम्वन्धित निकायलाई दिनका लागि कतारमा कार्यरत सम्पुर्ण नेपाली संघ संस्थाहरुले सामुहिक दवावका कार्यक्रमहरु गर्ने
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