Pros and cons of using a recruitment agency in Nepal

Published On: Dec 22, 2017 14:04:pm
If you are a foreign company wishing to get employees from Nepal, you will surely have to approach the labor market via a trusted, well-established, and reliable recruitment agency in Nepal. Before using a recruitment agency in Nepal, it is suggested that you do some pre-research regarding how your potential vacancy in Nepal would be taken by the taskforce, and what the local laws speak about the work, especially considering the foreign work. However, if you get to choose a quality manpower recruitment agency, you shall be well informed about all of these information via such agency. We’ve discussed some of the pros and cons of using a recruitment agency in Nepal down below:
  1. No need to waste time and money screening numerous applications and profiles: A recruitment agency in Nepal saves you from publishing vacancy, receiving applications, screening them, organizing pre-interview to validate the qualifications and eligibility of the candidate, and other formalities. Just contact your chosen recruitment agency, and everything will be managed by them.
  2. Best way to sell a role of your company in Nepal: Considering the cost-effectiveness of hiring a foreign employee, you might want to approach to the local workforce market. However, it isn’t possible, for the workers might not be educated to surf jobs on internet, and you might not know best way to approach with this potential workforce. A recruitment agency in Nepal saves you from extra exhaustion.
  3. Cultural understanding, and better market representation or venture in future
When you choose a particular recruitment agency to recruit your employees, and if the number is quite high with regular demand, it creates a ‘word-of-mouth advertisement’ to collect further more potential candidates for the recruitment agency.
  1. Increases you cost of hiring: Consulting a recruitment agency to fill up the vacancy of your company increases your financial burden. However, you do make a right choice of recruitment agency, the benefits might overrun your cost.
  2. Deviation of interests: While using a recruitment agency in Nepal the main challenge you face is how your and the recruiter’s interest differentiate from each other. The larger the gap, the risky the employment might become. Thus, choose an agency that isn’t in rush to earn as much commission as possible.
  3. Quality of work: Sometimes the wide gap in interest might make the recruitment agency be dishonest. Some other time, poor recruitment service might directly impact your workforce inflow. Choose a quality recruitment agency to avoid this.
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