Beauty, Health, Fitness and Sports

Beauty, Health, Fitness and Sports Recruitment Agency

Spa and Beauty Salons :- The Spa and Beauty industry is constantly evolving and developing and there is a constant demand for high calibre staff with excellent communication skills and a passion for customer service.The growth in this industry is illustrated by the number of new salons and spas that are opening along with new products and services that are constantly being introduced in Middle Eastern Countries.We are an innovative e-recruitment tool and specialized agency for employers and job seekers within the beauty and spa industry.
The wide range of professionals we cover within this industry include: Beauticians, Spa Therapists, Masseurs, Manicrists-Pedicurists, Nail Technicians, Hair Dressers, Hair Stylists, Salon Managers, Salon Helpers, Spa Attendants, Henna Artists etc.

Healthcare and Fitness :- Fitness Instructors, Gym Instuctors, Yoga Teachers, Hospital Cleaners, Nurses, Dieticians, Doctors, Dentists, Pathologists, Radiologists etc.

Sports and Leisure :- Life Guards, Swimming Instructors, Game Coaches, Pool Attendants, Dance Teachers, Dancers, Art Teachers, Artists etc.