Our Team

STAFF Members

The Staff of Frontline ensures the management and cognitive workability on the devised sectors and empowers the sustainable progression of the agency.
Mr. Suraj KC

It is our immense pleasure to be part of the wide networking service and we have been successfully supplying human resources to different companies at Middle East. Being a part of recruiting agency, we have always tried to get best possible services for our Nepalese people. There are almost 21 million people who are the victims of forced labor which clearly reflects the cruel par of recruiting companies. Keeping the issue as centric concern, we thrive to counsel most genuine demand from well established companies.
Mr. Krishna T.R

CEO Cum Overseas Business Executive

I have found Nepalese people to be more hard working and genuine than people from any other countries, yet we have been hearing many sad stories of being forced to work, exploitation and violation. It definitely has risked the people’s trust over recruiting company but Frontline Recruitment has successfully stands out to satisfy the needs and expectation of job employees.
Mr. DayaRam(Rana)

Malaysia CEO Cum Overseas Business Executive
It’s been quite long that I have been working as a part of Frontline Recruitment. During my career period on hiring employee for Malaysia has never let down my feelings with any sad news. The cases for the forced labor, difficult sustainability or any other issues are very rare to hear from the job employees’ of Frontline Recruitment.
Mr. Madhavan T.R.

Sales and Marketing Executive Middle East Countries
Welcome to the world of new opportunities, Welcome to Frontline! Frontline recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has created a name for itself in the Middle East countries. It is undeniably the result of diligence and dedication shown by our Nepali brothers and sisters in these regions. Being a proud member of Responsible Business Alliance, we stick to fair hiring policy and ILO norms. This factor has certainly increased our credibility and people’s trust.
Mrs. Meera Krishna

Director Business Development
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has been widespread in different regions of the world. We still believe we are in a growing phase. The love, support and appreciation; we have been gaining from different parts of the world is really encouraging. I would like to add that, we are strictly against forced labor. We are dedicated in expanding our recruitment process adhering to our company policies and ILO norms.
Mr. Murali Thekkermamn

Sales and Marketing Executive Middle East Countries
We are very specific on supplying the manpower to the companies for Middle East. Our experience, diligence and professionalism have successfully maintained the healthy relation between the employer and employee. Transparency and honesty in our work has satisfied the recruiters and employees in Nepal as well. With the current statistics, we believe will soon be one of the biggest recruiting platforms in the Middle-East region.
Mrs. Anita Lama

Marketing Executive UAE
UAE has been one of the fascinating destinations; therefore the opportunities for career are vague and captivating. The opportunity we create falls under different category from unskilled to well-skilled. Thus, we hold the trust as the best recruiting agency in Nepal that works with the ambience of company policy and ILO norms.
Mr. Mp. Yadav

I have seen many people in my career who wants just to apply overseas without understanding the criteria and the circumstances that can occur in future, and the agencies mislead them which results to the dissatisfaction and got exploited by individual enterprises. However we try best to aware people to go through all the necessary information details before applying and secure their career.
Mr. Rajendra Luitel

Frontline Recruitment and its dedicated team members have successfully maintain the high level of competency, professional and satisfaction. Recruiting the qualified applicants has been the ideal reason to balance the relationship with clients and candidate. We don’t support the labor against their will, thus our policies are followed by the ILO norms.
Mr. Buddha Jirel

The success of the Frontline Recruitment over years is the compliment from our employees, candidates and clients. Being one of the leading recruitment companies in the country, we believe we have set a new standard in terms of services and recognition. It’s really fascinating to see where we stand with all these years of service. We are always driven to provide efficient services to Nepalese and expand our services in other regions as well.
Mr. Suren Subedi

Being a part of Frontline recruitments has been a sheer pleasure. Looking into different aspects of recruitments, expansion and development, we have indeed grown as a company and as an individual as well. As a team; we are overseeing recruitment, health, financial and different operating aspects. We believe these aspects help in collective growth of an employee, a company and us as recruiters as well.
Mr. Kumar Jhapali

Marketing Manager Kuwait
Kuwait offers whole new range of opportunities for Nepalese employees. Our recruits in Kuwait have been doing a remarkable job for the past few years. As of now, we have different companies of different areas looking for Nepalese employees. We look into different aspects set out by ILO in terms of recruitment. Once everything is approved and up to the standard, we conclude the recruitment processing.
Mr. Bidur Lamchhane

Administration Officer
At Frontline recruitment, we believe that recruitment is just a part of our job. It involves lots of aspects that need to be looked into pre and post recruitments. We are always in point of contact with our recruits so that we can be of help to solve their queries. We don’t consider that once the recruitment is done, our part of job is over. Instead, we believe, once the recruitment is done, our relationship starts on a different chapter.
Mr. Ritesh Tamang

Sales and Marketing Executive UAE
UAE welcomes thousands of Nepalese workers every year. With the labor pact signed between Nepal and UAE, it has been an attractive working destination for Nepalese as well. UAE offers special arrangements for women employees. Medical and Work insurance has also been included for every workers. The efforts made clearly indicate the work opportunities and associations in UAE for Nepalese people.
Mr. Surendra Subedi

Officer Saudi Department
Saudi Arabia is regarded as one of the top destinations for Nepalese workers. Saudi Arabia offers wide range of job possibilities. From trading, constructions to plastic factories, they deliver job opportunities to unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled human resources as well. Being a part of Responsible Business Alliance group, we follow different protocols before actually recruiting the employees. This has contributed in increasing the credibility of the Frontline recruitments in global market as well.
Mr. Aita Bdr. Tamang

Documentation Officer
Being associated with Frontline Recruitments for years now, one thing that I am sure of is about the quality of work in different aspects of recruitment. It is an integral part of our job to verify the documents of applicants and find the job of their interest. We look into financial, legal and different regulations set out by ILO before the recruitment is done.
Ms. Manuka GC

Documentation Officer
Frontline Recruitments Pvt. Ltd is continually working for the betterment of Nepalese workers in abroad countries. We are dedicated in making systematic and efficient shortlisting of applicants so that we can find a right job for them. Besides that, we also provide them with trainings so that they can fit into the job premises. It’s really about creating an efficient relationship with the employees and companies as well so that a trusted environment lives on between all the people involved.
Ms. Sunita Raj Bhandari

Documentation Officer
Among many reasons; attention to minute details, proven delivery and years of experience are the core strengths of Frontline Recruitments Pvt. Ltd. We blend in different employment opportunities to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled human resources and also help them to build a strong profile. There are thorough steps involved in recruitment procedures which help in focusing on every small detail. Once all the steps are involved, the candidates are deployed to respective countries.
Ms. Preeti Rai 

Receptionist UAE
There are lots of job opportunities for UAE and most of the vacancies can foster the career of individual if their qualification matched. In these years of service, we often hear some harshness and some sad stories about how they have been tortured. We somehow manage to convince them to give next chance to opportunity. It is a delightful pleasure to heal such soul and win trust over them.