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Hospitality and Travel

The hospitality industry is an old and established one. For as long as people have needed to be away from home for necessity or pleasure, there has been the need for inns, hostels, motels, serviced apartments, hotels, and qualified staff to work at such establishments in order to service the weary traveller, businessmen or tourist.
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The diverse range of jobs available within the hospitality industry provides excellent job opportunities for all sorts of people with different skill levels, educational backgrounds and experience. There are jobs to suit first-time job seekers, mid career and experienced professionals.
Large resorts or international hotel chains require an army of well-trained staff to ensure a smooth business operation. The types of roles available in hospitality covers the entire job gamut.Here is a small sample of the many roles we regularly have on offer:
1. Accountancy and Auditing     
2. Buyer/Purchaser     
3. Corporate Communications     
4. Hotel Management     
5. Finance     
6. Front Desk/Guest Services     
7. Interpreter     23. Housekeeping
8. MICE and Event Management     
9. Public Relations Reservations     
10. Revenue Management Development     
11. Sales and Marketing     
12. Chefs and Cooks     
13. Sales and Business Development Staff     
14. Finance and Administration     
15. Catering all Positions     
16. Event Staff     
17. Wait Staff (Waiter, Waitress and Stewards etc.)
18. Front of House
19. Administrations
20. Concierges Services
21. Engineering
22. Food and Beverage
24. Human Resources
25. It / Support System
26. Operations
27. Room and Reservations
28. Training and Development
29. Executive Manager
30. Front Office
31. Bar Staff
32. Baristas

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism are two of the largest industries in the world. In many countries, tourism contributes to a major part of the national GDP and is often the number one employer. Both Travel and Tourism are also fast growing and exciting sectors. New destinations and products are constantly being introduced to an evolving consumer base that is rapidly growing more connected, mobile and affluent.
A career in tourism deals with any business that directly provides goods or services to people who are away from home (travellers, visitors or tourists). The tourism industry covers a vast and varied range of jobs dealing with the servicing and management of hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, conventions, theme parks, tourist attractions, cruises, airlines, tour agencies, nature reserves, resorts and many, many more. Tourism enterprises can range from major international corporations with thousands of employees, to a small family-owned businesses with only a few employees.

Ongoing technological advances in transportation and communications networks are making worldwide travel easier, more comfortable and accessible to more and more people. There are many promising job opportunities to be found within the travel industry. Job seekers have an almost endless range of possibilities to pick from in the travel industry. Some career choices include airlines, cruise companies, car rental/ hire, ticket sales, tour operations, luxury or adventure travel, leisure or corporate travel and many others.
Salaries in travel and tourism can vary widely within the industry. A major job perk is the opportunity for travel, including free or discounted travel and accommodation for families. Hotels, airlines/ cruises and attractions often partner with one another to offer special packages or discounted rates to their staff or people within the industry. Besides travel perks, many roles within Travel and Tourism also offer the opportunity to earn commission and gratuities on top of a base salary.

Travel and Tourism companies are constantly on the lookout for energetic, flexible and adaptable individuals. The type of professionals who thrive in these industries tend to be people-oriented, open-minded and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

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