Works of manpower recruitment agency in Nepal

Published On: Dec 10, 2017 11:41:am
Most of the migrant workers from Nepal work in the field of construction, manufacturing, cleaning, and hospitality. Manpower recruitment agency in Nepal do wide range of works to ensure the workers are placed in right place with promised incentives and benefits. Most of the workers working abroad are either unskilled or semi-skilled, with very limited expertise and skills. However, the condition has improved, since you shall find lots of skilled manpower going overseas. These agencies have proper coordination and connection with international companies and agents. When these recruitment agencies of Nepal receive demands from these companies and agents, they publish them in national dailies and mass media.
Employment agencies of Nepal then start to receive the applications from the potential candidates. Not all the candidates apply reading the job requirement and experience. When the recruitment agencies receive the applications they start to screen it. Screening the application goes through minute inspection regarding whether the demanded qualifications and experience a candidate possess or not. After the screening, the potential candidates are then called for pre-interview. In the pre-interview, it is tried to ensure that the candidate actually possess the claimed experience and qualifications. The candidates that possess the stated requirement, and those whose skill could be seen to be improved after providing some experience, they are chose for the further procedures.
Manpower recruitment agency in Nepal then make service agreement with the candidates. However, keep in mind that this is not the agreement between the employer and the employee. Then, the candidates are requested for carrying out further legal and medical procedure. Also, the government of Nepal has made it mandatory that a recruitment agency provide training to the candidates. The candidates receive some of the best and basic skills in training. After this, the agency also provide orientation program to avoid any kind of culture shock ones the candidate enters into the foreign land. Then, after the candidate completes all the documentation, medical, and legal procedures, the candidate departs from the country.
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