Why is Frontline Recruitment the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal?

Published On: Nov 26, 2017 15:41:pm
Why is Frontline Recruitment the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal?
A group of experienced, proactive, dedicated, and motivated professionals, Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manpower agency in Nepal with an attractive history of successful placements across the world, and satisfied workers and companies. Licensed under Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labour & Transport Management, and Government of Nepal at number 886/067/068. Following are the reasons that make us the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal:
  • We provide placements for unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled manpower in Middle East and other countries including the countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, etc. Be it job vacancies in Dubai or any other country, we cover your placement in any corner of the world.
  • Throughout our recruitment process, we always ensure that we place you at the right work, with agreed incentives, payment, and nature of work, which is why we have been successful to become the one of the pioneer recruitment agencies in Nepal.
  • There hasn't been a single incident till now where our valued worker didn't get the promised work overseas; ensuring the secure placement is the blood of our service. For this reason, we have been successful to win the faith and trust of Nepalese migrant workers since years.
  • We have wide networks with companies and local agents throughout the world; possibly, the largest recruitment network in the country. This makes us the first priority among our agents and companies to seek for any vacancies they have. And when it comes to working overseas, the most important essential is having a reliable contract agreement with the companies, which we are guarantee to offer.
  • We ensure that you have the required skill to do the work you are doing, or the required information about the work you shall be doing, so that you could excel the work right from the first day of your work in abroad. We provide trainings, organize orientation programs, and ensure our workers have everything to work well.
  • Despite our connection and well-wishes, we have been always striving to improve ourselves, and our services, so that we can help potential candidate make most out of our secure and reliable work networks.
For any job abroad, or our services, or our recruitment process do not hesitate to contact us; we shall be pleased to avail you the true information. Do let us be your placement partner, we shall not let any stone unturned to make you satisfied with our service.