Selecting the best recruitment agency in Nepal

Published On: Dec 04, 2017 14:22:pm
How do you select the best recruitment agency in Nepal?
Selecting the best recruitment agency in Nepal can be quite a difficult job; you need to consider about several things before you make your choice, which are often influenced by either you are a jobseeker or an employer. But whoever you are, doing some researches about the agencies you know about is really important. The very first factor that you must have a close look to is its process of recruiting. Next comes questioning the agency about how the vacancy the employer is asking for fill up is actually going to fill up, or the information about the potential candidate. Next come the number of experience these agencies have; experience matter a lot in selecting the perfect recruitment agency.
It is also important for you to know about how expertise the agency is in its field. Also, do ask about the success of the placements before. Better ask about the date of last vacancy fill up; the networks they have among the potential candidates and the volume of the agency's database. Similarly, if you are an employer, your requirement criteria must be clear enough for the candidates to know about what is being expected of them. You shall find numerous manpower company in Nepal. We've sorted out some of the best tips in selecting the most perfect recruitment agency.
  1. Placement experience and history: A good recruitment agency shall have excellent placement in several parts of the world. Less experienced agencies have limited exposure. Also do some research about what kinds of recruitment they are specialized at. Also ensure that they prove the claimed experience via their recruitment process and arrangement.
  2. Recruiting process: Recruiting process is often a sign of how seriously does a recruiting agency take you and the work vacancy to be filled. A sham business might be in a haste, skipping all the required processes. A good recruitment agency provides the right job placement with agreed payment, incentives, and working hours.
  3. Quality communication: A good recruitment agency wants more time to spend with you, and tries to find that you have the required qualification that the specific job requires. Such agency shall segregate sufficient amount of time for several interviews; also they shall advise you about how to make your CV more attractive and sharpen your talent. Similarly, after an agreement is signed between you and the recruitment agency in Nepal, the agency has to speak on your behalf. You have to find out how strongly does the agency speak with the employer about your incentives and work criteria.
  4. Provision of training: Sometimes, the potential candidate lack the required expertise, whereas, in some other case, the candidate might benefit a lot if few training sessions are provided to the candidate; in which case, a good recruitment agency shall provide you with such training.
  5. Orientation Program: Orientation program is very much essential in case of overseas job placement. Working abroad is prone to cultural shocks, to avoid which orientation program is necessary.
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