Remittance in Nepal from foreign works

Published On: Dec 15, 2017 16:29:pm
Manpower supply from Nepal has helped gain much more remittances. Most of the workers in Nepal are found to be working in the field of construction, manufacturing, hospitality, cleaning, and other household chores. Workers do not require any extraordinary skill; most of the manpower are semi-skilled and unskilled. Nepalese dedication, commitment, and hard work has been praised highly in abroad. Nepalese manpower is less expensive to hire in comparison to other workers from other country. Foreign remittance is one of the most important sources of earnings for the government in Nepal. If you thoroughly check the belongings of the migrant workers you shall find that most of the workers belong to the Terai and Hilly region of Nepal.
Before the government earns remittance from overseas, the manpower recruitment agencies receive vacancy demand from foreign companies and agents. Receiving such demand holds importance of remittance in Nepal. When the agency receives demand from such organizations and agents, they publish vacancies in national dailies and other social media. After the vacancy is published, they start to receive applications from across the country from several potential workers. The work of these recruitment agencies do not end here, they have to make sure that these candidates do have all the required qualifications and experience demanded by the job.
Then, a pre-interview is organized between the candidate and the agency to screen and verify such qualifications and experience. These agencies also select the candidates who looks like they could do well if few trainings are provided. After the candidate goes through this process, a service agreement is made between the candidate and the agency. Then, the candidate is asked for taking forward the required proceedings. Then, the agency also provide training to the candidate; it is made mandatory by the government of Nepal that the candidate be provided with required training. Also, an orientation program is held to avoid any cultural shock. After this, and completion of other necessary the candidate departs for foreign country. Once he/she works there the remittance in Nepal from foreign works start to flow.
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