Oil & Gas jobs in Dubai for Nepali

Published On: Jul 09, 2017 15:30:pm
Mostly Nepalese migrant workers are low-skilled and semi-skilled, and the opportunity in oil & gas jobs in Dubai for Nepali is limited. Mostly these jobs demand much experience in comparison to other works and also demand specified academic qualification. Normally Nepalese manpower is considered cheap to hire, a well-educated candidate might demand more financial facility than any other; which is the reason why the migrant workers are mostly un-skilled or less skilled. Mostly, Nepalese workers are found to be working in the hospitality industry, cleaning, construction, and domestic chores.
Especially citizens from Terai and hilly region of Nepal are found to be working in Dubai. Since Dubai charges no tax on income, it has remained a popular working destination for Nepalese people. Other reasons of attractions are the high valuation of currency, people seeing the easy way to enrich their personal and family lives, and greater unemployment in the country. There are lots of manpower agencies in Nepal, and this business is still growing. Some of them are providing genuine services while others run with sham intention. The government of Nepal has brought Free Ticket Free Visa system into the application.
These manpower agencies have coordination with international local agents and companies. Those having a link with companies directly receive demand order, whereas, those having a connection with local agents get offers through these agents. The selection of the candidate starts with the publication of the advertisement in the national daily or any other mass communication channel. The agency receives an application from candidates and then matches the requirement of the work with the actual ability and talent of the candidate. When it becomes satisfied that the said ability and experience are complying with the ones required, it goes towards validation process. When the agency is satisfied, an agreement is signed between the agency and the candidate; the candidate then is requested for compliance with governmental procedures before departure. Then, the agency provides orientation programs to the candidates to improve their understanding of the work and the country they will be working at. Then the candidate finally heads off to Dubai.
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