No.1 Manpower agency in Nepal

Published On: Nov 10, 2017 12:08:pm
Search 'No.1 manpower agency in Nepal' and you shall find lots of websites in your result box. Almost all of these agencies have their coordination with their special companies and local agents. Whenever these companies and agents are in the need of any kind of migrant worker, they contact these special manpower agencies of Nepal. After they receive the demand, these manpower agencies publish the vacancies in several national dailies, mass media, and social media. However, due to the activities of some unregistered manpower agencies of Nepal, there had been several news of general public being cheated. The Nepali Embassy in several countries even blacklisted these trekking agencies. These few incidents had bad impact on manpower supply from Nepal.
However, with effective legal treatment, and government's new scheme of foreign employment policies, the faith in the manpower agency has been restored. Even though, one can easily become confused to find which the leading manpower agency in Nepal is and which isn't. Often, not all of these manpower agencies are specialized in every sector of recruitment. When a candidate is clear about what kind of work he wishes to do, s/he has to search for a manpower agency specialized in this field. However, if the candidate isn't sure about what kind of work s/he might be working on, it is better to find an agency that generally looks after all the sectors. However, to choose the best manpower agency in Nepal, you will have to you will have to do some research about its reputation, competence, number of successful placements, and whether it is registered with the government.
Though most of the manpower from Nepal can be found to be working in the field of hospitality, construction, household chores and cleaning, you shall also find the demand of skilled Nepalese workers abroad. The increasing number of skilled manpower has certainly increased the number of manpower supply from this country. As discussed before, you've to ensure that the agency you are choosing is reputed, has successful job placement record, and is registered. These, including several other factors, affect which is the best manpower agency and which is not.
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