Nepali Manpower Process

Published On: Jul 27, 2016 17:31:pm
You cannot just randomly go for foreign employment. There are some rules which all of the foreign employment stakeholders including human resource demanding company, its agent and overseas employment seekers have to follow. However not many job seekers are familiar with Nepali Manpower Process. Nepali manpower have huge scope especially in Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. They prefer to hire human resource from Nepal than other South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is because they are cheap and they remain loyal to the company in which they are hired. Not only this but Nepalese have also built quite a reputation as hard working and dedicated workers.
Process to recruit workers from Nepal begin by selecting the government registered manpower company which has been licensed by Nepal Government to conduct Manpower Recruiting task. When the foreign company chooses one of the manpower companies as its agent in Nepal, that company submits authentic vacancy request. When such vacancy request is made by foreign employer through its licensed agency, the agency asks for approval from Labor Department. This department is under the Labor Ministry of Nepal Government. After receiving the request, the Labor Department makes inquiry if needed and then provides approval after it is certain of job guarantee of Nepalese. If it has certain doubts, it can make inquiry in Nepalese Embassy which is in the related country. Once it is fully satisfied with the application, Ministry gives a permission letter to employee.
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