Latest Demand of Manpower in Nepal

Published On: Jan 14, 2018 13:37:pm
With the increasing of the population, the preference of job employment is also increasing in Nepal. As there are many individuals who are deprived from the employment opportunities, the manpower helps them to by giving the employment opportunities. The skilled individuals are getting high level jobs with the quality and luxurious life. Whereas the people who are unskilled are deprived of job opportunities. Barber, house cleaner, mechanics, salesman, labor, electrician, security guard are the main jobs with high demand in the manpower of Nepal. Machine operator in Saudi Arabia, Office boy in Kuwait, Security Guard in UAE etc. are the most jobs in demand in the manpower of Nepal 2018. These are regarded as the latest overseas job employment. There are also some skilled jobs for the educated and graduated people such as computer operator, accountant etc. in the overseas.
The demand of good job is in the path of increment. Different individual has different demand for jobs. But the job to do for the certain individual depends upon the skilled and unskilled people. However, mostly Nepalese People demand for the jobs which are not so hard such as security guard, salesman, barber etc. The security guard is the most demanding job by the Nepalese people in the gulf countries. Some demands working in the restaurant as a waiter and cook.
The Manpower of Nepal helps its citizen of Nepal with different job placement. It looks for the skilled and semi-skilled individual and provides the job according to their talent. According to the latest data, Security Guard and waiter and cook are the jobs which are given priority by the gulf countries. Accounting and Finance, Avionics, Aero and Defense, banking jobs, building trade, Labor Jobs, construction, Travel and Tourism jobs, Security guards, HSE, Jobs in Telecommunication, Engineering Jobs etc. are the main job placement in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Jobs of Oil and Gas, Publishing and Media, rail Jobs, Recruitment, and Retail Jobs, Secretarial and Administrative etc. are the job placement in UAE. Similarly, Kuwait also looks for the Oil and gas jobs, Security Guard job and so on. The manpower is demanding for the jobs such as cook, waiter, labor, plumber, Accountant, Salesman and so on. As most people from the rural areas are uneducated. The main power provides training to those people and give the high result for the skillful people.
The imperfection in the labor market is the major reason of the manpower forecast. The markets for manpower along with long lead time for the production are characterized are the demanded side. Therefore, the manpower supplies its best result to meet the demand. There is a high probability that the labor market may lead to the distortions in the occupation-education. In contrast to the qualitative and quantitative approach to the manpower forecasting are the main bases on the experts. In both the large and small organizations, the Human Resource planners may rely on the experts those who help in preparing the manpower forecast in anticipation of future manpower requirement.
The manpower demand forecasting estimates the future human resource requirement of the right quality and right numbers. The manpower of Nepal provides a more complete forecast to its citizen by bringing together the contributions and the skill of the individual. However, the employment opportunities are increasing, the demand of Manpower is also in the path of providing best out of best facilities to the people.