How to find best manpower in Kathmandu

Published On: Mar 06, 2016 13:22:pm
Since there are so many overseas recruitment agencies, it is a real dilemma to know how to find best manpower in Kathmandu. There are certain qualities and traits that distinct the best manpower agency from rest of the crowd. Of course, the level of service is always the crucial factor. See for things like how fast do the manpower agency answer to your queries and how willing are the staffs to assist you. Checking whether the Agency is registered with Labor and Transport Ministry of Nepal Government is also equally important for financial security purpose.

Top Manpower Companies regularly publish job offer in Mid East countries and other countries. Thus, checking the time frequency of job vacancy announcement through any given manpower agency can also help in finding best staff hire agency. Go through the job vacancy announcement really well and check for salary, terms and conditions, number of days of work, working hours per day, facility of overtime, accommodation and food. Most importantly, check for the name of International Company from which the demand for manpower has been made. You can always look for the website of the Company in internet to confirm about the presence of that Company.
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