How are Manpower Agencies in Nepal contributing for Overseas Companies?

Published On: Jan 28, 2018 15:12:pm
Nepal is a landlocked country. According to the population data, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, the population of Nepal is 29,484,087. This seems increment in the population rate than the last year. With the increasing population, the demand of job opportunities is also increasing day by day. Many people from rural areas are deprived of the employment opportunities. Manpower Agencies are the main solution to provide the job opportunities to the unemployed people and give the solution to the poverty. These agencies give the opportunity to the people to go overseas and provide the jobs as per their skills. Asia is the continent of massive land structure and its natural and human resources. Many countries of Asia are under developing and so is Nepal. We can see the birth rate of developed countries is decreasing where as the rate is increasing in developing countries. Nepal is a country is south Asia fulfilling the gap of the manpower in the developed countries. There are many manpower agencies in Nepal contributing for overseas companies and giving the perfect and skillful candidate to the foreign countries.  
The main work of Manpower Agencies in Nepal is to help the skilled and semiskilled personals in Nepal by giving the job opportunities of their capability and also provide training which makes then easy to work in the overseas countries. They scan the qualification, experiences, and education of the candidates and provide the job in the best companies according to candidate’s skills. As the demand for skilled and semi-skilled human resources is increasing day by day, manpower agencies are providing the best jobs suitable for them with the best salary. This is the main reason the developed countries are still going forward and developing more. This has increased the economic condition of the overseas.
The skilled human resources are divided into many categories according to their training and experiences. The skilled human with best experiences is paid more than the other. This is the benefit of both human and overseas countries. The skilled labor with the specialized in a specific area is also paid well and respected by the foreigners. According to the latest data, there is high demand for labor and the security personnel in the overseas companies. For this, Nepal can focus on these training and development of the manpower.
The literacy rate also affects the development rate of the country. We can see the literacy rate of Nepal is increasing in comparison to the last year. This develops the feeling of satisfaction and competition in the Nepalese manpower supplier. The development of technologies also helps the personnel in the country to enhance their skills and have the job of their needs in the foreign countries. The engineers, architects, teachers, technicians etc. are the skilled manpower and labors are the semi-skilled manpower working for the overseas companies. And all these credits go to the manpower agencies in Nepal. Hence, Manpower Agencies in Nepal are the main reason to solve the problem of poverty and to provide job employment opportunity to the unemployed people and contributing to the development of overseas companies.