Gulf Recruitment Agency in Nepal

Published On: Feb 21, 2016 13:31:pm
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable Gulf Recruitment Agency in Nepal. We are duly registered in Ministry of Labor, Transport and Management of Nepal Government. During the course of time, we have established working relationship with top companies in gulf countries like Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. We have huge database of skilled, unskilled and highly skilled human resources from Nepal who is highly capable to endure the harsh climate of Middle East countries.    

Gulf countries have become an attractive destination for foreign job opportunities for Nepalese. It is because the cost for working visa in Gulf countries for Nepalese is cheap and not much working skills are required to go to these countries. Depending upon the company, the employee gets additional benefits like food and lodging. 

We keep ourselves up-to-date with the demand in gulf countries and we regularly monitor the profile of our candidates to ensure that the candidate that we recommend is the best and that he has potential to bring difference in the company. To ensure about the quality, the candidates have to go through several tests and they are scanned in preliminary interview so that we have an idea about their academic qualification, training, skills and experience. We recommend only those candidates that we are confident that they would fit the job description. Thus, you know where to look for if you need Middle East recruitment agency in Nepal.