Employment and Staffing Agencies in Nepal

Published On: Jan 08, 2017 14:54:pm
Backed by several years of experience, Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the top employment and staffing agencies in Nepal. Nepalese have been the preferred choice among global companies for overseas recruitment. This is mainly because of the image that has been built by previous Nepalese workers in abroad countries. Nepalese are known for their honesty, loyalty, hardworking and helpful nature.
We are the government approved employment agency in Nepal who have been providing effective foreign manpower recruitment solutions. We are fully aware of the ill- effect that mismatch of staffs can cause in the company. So, we are selective. We sort out only the qualified candidates and select them based on the preliminary interview taken by our staffs. After a preliminary interview, selected candidates are provided with an opportunity to have final interview either with the representative of employer company or we can take final interview on your behalf. By taking preliminary interview, we not only save the valuable time of company, but we also provide them with the best staffs who are fit to work in the required job designation in every order whether in terms of medical fitness or professional competence.
Being one of the best staffing agencies in Nepal, we go to the infinite length to ensure that we provide best recruitment solution to our clients and candidates. Contact us if you are looking for best job placement agency for overseas work. We are bridging the gap in between aspiring candidates and companies in need of able candidates since several years. Our highly professional staffs thoroughly screen the skill-sets, qualification and experience and make sure of the ready availability of candidates.