Best Manpower Counseling in Nepal

Published On: Jan 28, 2018 15:05:pm
The Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manpower in Nepal. We have been providing the solution for the human resource and job seekers throughout the country. Nepal is a landlocked country. We can hear about many problems and unemployment opportunities every year in the country. The foreign employment is the best solution for the job seekers. If you have got the skills and training and a confidence in yourself that you can do a certain task, you can apply for the foreign employment through our agency. We also analyze the skills and provide proper training for the people who are interested to go overseas. But you may be confused and unknown about the manpower and its processes. Most of the people can’t select the right manpower and become the pray of the fake agencies and agents. Selecting the right manpower agency is the first priority of the person who wants to go abroad.
You should always look the background of the agency before going to the manpower to visit. You can consult the person who is already abroad about the best manpower counseling in Nepal. Verifying the agency is also the most important task. You should search for the agency and also check the websites. You should verify whether the agency is real or fake. While counseling, you should talk about the background of the agency and also ask the references. Some agency may give offers to send you abroad with less amount of money. Most of these types of agencies are fake and the offer is a scam. People from rural areas are unknown about these types of agencies. These agencies betray the uneducated people.
The process of recruiting Nepalese manpower is increasing each day. The Nepali Manpower is gaining much and more popularity. You should know the Nepali manpower process as well as the foreign manpower process so that you can select the right manpower agency. The overseas agencies apply different process and ask the permission of the Labor Department. This department supervises and monitors the recruitment process of the agencies. At first, the agency asks the authentication of documents for the recruitment permission from the Labor Department. The employer issues the authenticated papers and enables the process from the Labor Department. When the Demand letter is placed in the local recruitment agent, the Nepalese Embassy asks to produce the service agreement. After that, the employer will issue the Demand letter in the favor of the agency.  In this letter, different job categories, workers required, salary etc. are mentioned. After that, the employer issue the consular letter addressed to the Consulate General of the respected embassies. All the information about visa matters, submission, delivery, visa number, date of issue etc. is mentioned. Now the employer can issue the power of Attorney to the agency to carry the recruitment of the manpower. This includes meeting all the essential formalities, interview date, renew etc. There should be proper mutual understanding and agreement between the employer and the agency. This helps the process to accomplish in a systematic manner. Finally, the employer issues the guarantee letter. This includes the written statement that the worker will be sent to the respective country and won’t be placed in any other country.