5 reason of manpower turnover in Companies

Published On: Jul 10, 2016 11:31:am
Having high turnover is not healthy for any company. There are many reasons why employee leave company. Through this blog, we try to explain 5 reason of manpower turnover in companies
Poor Management
This has been identified as the major reason of employee turnover. The poor management means the company cannot run in its full capacity. Due to reduction in efficiency, employees cannot get satisfied from their work and thus they quit. 
Rude Behaviour
Rudeness, back-biting, blaming employees and giving employees the sense of being mistreated effects adversely in the moral of employees and they become unable to execute their work which is why they quit the job.
Work-life imbalance
People always wish to maintain balance in between working life and personal life. When the company begins to grow in size, work gets piled up and the company expects one staff to handle the task of two –three employees. Employees cannot cope with the pressure and the pressure continues to increase till they can no longer work so that they quit their existing job.
Their work did not meet their expectation
When there is variation in between job description and what the employee has to actually do, employee loses the trust in company and so he / she quits job.
Feeling undervalued
When there is no system of motivating staffs through awards, recognition and other benefits and when employee fill like they are not being appreciated for the contribution that they are making, they quit job.
These are the major reasons why employee leave company.