Working visa for Dubai from Nepal

Published On: Oct 13, 2017 15:01:pm
Since some years back, Dubai has been one of the top destined countries among Nepalese migrant workers; and there has been increasing demand for working visa for Dubai from Nepal. Most of the manpower are unskilled and semi-skilled, which is why most of them are involved in construction, household chores, cleaning, and hospitality works. Government’s scheme of Free Ticket Free Visa has encouraged the outflow of the migrant workers. Because companies in Dubai pay handsome amount, attractive allowances and other benefits and incentives, Nepalese people increasingly search for jobs in Dubai for Nepali. Some of the incentives and benefits include provision of free-living, accommodation and meals. Despite the low skilled demand, skilled manpower is also being attracted to Dubai for jobs related to accounting, Information Technology, etc.
Depending on the tenure of your work contract, the types of working visas differ. However, you are required to have residency visa that remains valid for about 3 years. Candidate having successfully made through health check-ups are only eligible to apply for the residency visa. All of the documents and forms have to be translated into Arabic, including the employment contract, and their copies are to be submitted to the Department of Labour. However, the employer is assumed to be responsible for the work permit, visa procedures, and sponsorship of the visa. Thus, the process of obtaining working visa begins from having a written job contract from your employer; the employer then does all the paperwork. After the verification of employment visa application and sponsorship, the UAE immigration department contacts you and permits you to legally enter UAE.
After you enter UAE, you have to apply for health care that includes a blood test, an X-ray of your chest. The medial report, along with written job offer verification and work visa application, and copies of passport have to be submitted to the Department of Health and Medical Service. Then, you have to apply for labor card, submitting the medical reports, employer’s labor license, two passport size photos, and copies of entry visa and employment contract to Ministry of Labour. Then comes the procedures for apply residence visa; along with other documents you have to submit the filled up residence visa application form to Dubai general directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.
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