Why are people attracted to Dubai?

Published On: Jun 30, 2017 12:26:pm
With so many people migrating to Dubai as a worker every year, one might wonder: why are people attracted to Dubai? The answer of this question doesn't come straight. Two different things can be discussed here: why are people migrating to gulf countries? and Why Dubai is the prime destination attraction? When we connect answers of these two different and close issues, we might come very near to the answer.
Most of the people migrating to Dubai are low-skilled and semi-skilled. They are involved in hospitality, construction, cleaning, and other domestic chores. They are even cheap to hire in comparison to nationals of many other countries. In addition with national issues, they have their own struggle for enriching their family lives. Who won't want a quick way to earn more and recover ones standard? Their earning isn't charged against any tax. The currency has high valuation, and with little more effort their opportunity to make their dream real widens. Some are excited about their future, some work out of wrath. But no matter how they feel, they work with honesty, dedication, commitment, and pure heart.
There is wide-spread unemployment rate in Nepal, about a quarter of the total population is economically poor, we still have traditional values succumbing their opportunities, and even if they get employment, due to high competition and less skill, they get nominal payment. When somebody from the village goes abroad and sends money to the family to build houses, buy lands a vehicle, it's charm excites the whole villagers. They sell their land, or cattle, or spend their accumulated money, if they are fortunate, and pay for their journey to Dubai. Thus, if you are thinking about why are people attracted to Dubai, then let me tell you, though they can be seen collectively attracted, each of them has their own dream gaping towards Dubai!; a deep promise to do every effort to earn and fill bellies of their dear and loved ones motivates them.
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