Types of recruitment that foreign clients offer to Nepali workers

Published On: Aug 27, 2017 13:09:pm
Mostly, the types of recruitment that foreign clients offer to Nepali workers include working in the construction field, hospitality, cleaning, maintenance and repairs, and other household jobs. Nepalese migrant workers have been going to Malaysia, the Gulf States and other South east Asian countries since quite a few years. A class division has been cited in terms of the working destination countries, such as poor people prefer India, Malaysia, and the Gulf States; while rich people prefer South Korea, Japan, Europe and North America. The Government of Nepal started the provision of Free Visa Free Ticket according to which the employees of the nations such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain, required to cover the visa and ticket cost of the workers going for work from Nepal. Jobs for the security guard, cleaner, driver, plumber, mason, accountants, etc. are on the rise for Nepalese migrant workers. Most of these workers are either semi-skilled or unskilled laborers.
The nature of work offered to the worker covers the qualifications and experience of the work. An unskilled worker is offered with labor intensive works. The policy executed by the Government of Nepal makes the manpower agencies mandatory to train the workers before their departure flight. The training involves very less complex procedures. If the potential worker has some experience, he/she may find the training very interesting to complete. If the potential worker lacks any such experience, this training help the workers grasp some experience so that he/she might not find working abroad too difficult. The manpower agencies in Nepal have proper coordination with the foreign clients offering work opportunities. Sometimes the organization itself contacts with these manpower agencies for the fulfillment of the work opportunities, or the local agents contact with these manpower agencies.
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