Top Employment Agency in Kathmandu

Published On: Jun 06, 2017 15:53:pm
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd is one of the top employment agencies in Kathmandu. Currently, there are many agencies that select candidates and fill the international employment demands. Some of these agencies are particularly specified in particular field of human resource, whereas some other work generally in all areas with no particular specialization. There has been significant increment in the number of employment agency in Kathmandu in recent years. Most of the Nepalese people choose Gulf countries and Malaysia as employment destination; almost all of them are either low-skilled or semi-skilled. These agencies select the candidate based on the job details specified, check their experience, skill and education, if applicable, conduct pre-interview, verify all their personal details so that no conflict arises between the expected qualifications and actual profile, make agreement, direct the candidates for mandatory medical check-ups and other legal proceedings before departure.
Mischiefs of few agencies have stamped mark of uncertainties and doubts upon the whole employment agency industry. There have been news about precarious employment incidents where innocent Nepalese people are sent to the Gulf nations in recent years. Similarly, we also have been aware of the news about workers not getting promised payment for their sweat shed in the searing heat of desert. Sad to say, but these are some tragedies associated with foreign employment since Nepalese started going abroad for employment. The story is even worse when workers with happy faces return in coffins with mouth clamped shut for-ever! or when they are abused and with great challenges knock the door of embassy pleading safe return, or when due to ignorance they are imprisoned.
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. wants to rekindle the lost faith upon manpower agencies with our deliberate receipt process of job demands, thorough selection process of candidates, best assessment of the qualifications and ensuring harmony between the expected and actual profile, and trustworthy placement. We have reliable relationship with foreign local agents who receive the job demand, on the other hand, on direct receipt of the job demand from the company, we try to ensure its genuineness in every possible way so that our honest and laborious Nepalese workers won't suffer in abroad. Do give us an opportunity to go through your interest and profile, we will not disappoint you with any deliberate or unconscious mistakes. We value your faith upon us and shall bring congruency between what you expected and what you got after involving in the entrusted work.