5 things to consider while choosing employment agency in Nepal

Published On: May 16, 2016 10:18:am
The manpower company that you select has a major influence on your dream of bright future. So, excessive caution is to be taken while selecting human recruit company. To facilitate you in selection process, we have shared 5 things to consider while choosing employment agency in Nepal.

Know your needs
Whether you are a company or a candidate who is looking for job opportunity, it is always important to know what you need. If you are a candidate, you must have clear vision of where you want to reach, what is your expectation in terms of salary and what is your goal. As for the company, it should clearly state what it is looking for in the candidate as it is employee who can take company to the new level.

Do online Research
Next tip is to do online research. In this world of technology, it is very effective way of identifying potential human recruit companies since most of the credible human resource companies have online presence through their official website. You can learn about the services that they provide, the categories in which they search for job opportunities and the countries that they deal in. 

Do Background check on the agency
See if that recruiting agency has a government license. If possible, check for reference with its clients or your relatives.  

Check the Support
Find out how much support does the staff from recruiting agency offer. The quality service is the key to successful recruitment agency.

Ask for Salary and Benefits
Do not hesitate to ask about salary and benefits that you will get before applying for the job.
These are few tips that will help you if you were wondering what to consider when selecting a manpower agency.