Salaries in Dubai For Nepali

Published On: Jun 11, 2017 15:16:pm
Salaries in Dubai – how to predict your Dubai Salary?
Salaries in Dubai For Nepali vary considerably according to the type, level, area, and duration of work. Similarly, different workers from different countries are paid different amount. Most of Nepalese workers work at hospitality industry, construction, cleaning and other domestic chores. Beside these, some can be found in accounting and finance, banking, insurance, sales, marketing, and other areas. The minimum wage for a Nepalese Maid in Dubai is AED900, deposit of AED5000 with minimum age of the worker 30. A general worker or helper may earn basic salary of AED 800 with other facilities. If employed in a production industry, you might get AED1000 with food, transportation, and accommodation. A waiter may earn AED 1400, a Restaurant supervisor—AED 2500, a light driver – AED 1200. Nepalese workers are not much expensive to hire than workers from many other countries.
If you are applying as a general cook, you might expect AED 1850; a service agent can expect 2000, a bartender can expect AED 1800, a receptionist – 2000, a housekeeping supervisor can expect 2200, a laundry attendant can expect AED 1200, a lobby butler can expect AED 1800, and a doorman can expect 1200. All these salaries are mere approximation derived from taking references to the various vacancy announcements. But, these detail do give us a rough sketch of potential salary in Dubai. Salary of a receptionist range from AED 1500- AED 2000. Chamber-man (maid), bellman, doorman, public area attendant, laundry attendant, etc are least paid works with salary of AED 1200 in an average. General cook, Chef de Partle, therapists, technicians, supervisors, etc are top paid works with salary of AED 2500 in average in Dubai. But it must be noted that, these salaries aren't much in comparison to similar workers from another countries.
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