Overseas job services from Nepal

Published On: Sep 03, 2017 15:33:pm
After the end of the 10-year civil war in Nepal, with the increase in the overseas job services from Nepal, the number of Nepalese migrant workers going abroad has also been dramatically increased. You shall find a number of international overseas services in Nepal claiming to be providing overseas job solution in Nepal. These service providers receive a demand for the workers directly or via agents. They, then publish the job vacancies in the several local and national dailies, some other make radio or TV broadcasts; these are how these overseas job services from Nepal reach the labor market. In addition to these, they also distribute the pamphlets or brochures individually at the busy road. However, not all of the potential workers can read and understand the written text, where the public announcements via radio come into use.
Most of the migrant workers heading for the overseas job from Nepal are found to be working in the hospitality, security guard, construction, cleaning and other household chores.  Nepalese migrant workers are considered to be loyal, honest, hardworking, committed, dedicated, and active and energetic; and no matter where they have to work, they never fail to satisfy the employer. Either s/he has to shed sweats on the scorching hot sunny day, or work for construction several feet high above the ground, they are always ready to give their 100% on their work. With the work they are doing, they have their dreams slowly gnawing underneath and also the small tinge of satisfaction as they realize their children are reading in standard school. Most of these migrant workers are semi-skilled or less skilled. However, the skilled labor force is also attracted towards foreign employment, only being different in terms of the destination country they choose.
After the advertisement of the vacancy is completed, these overseas job agencies start to receive several applications from the potential workers. A pre-interview is held to personally meet the candidate and verify the qualifications and capabilities of the candidates and are compared with the demand for the expertise that the potential work role might demand. After the candidate successfully completes this level, the representative of the company takes interview of these candidates.
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manpower recruitment agency in Nepal that has been arranging several abroad working opportunities to Nepalese workers since years. We take every measure to ensure that the potential worker gets the agreed payment under the agreed job details and environment.