Manpower supply from Nepal

Published On: Aug 07, 2017 13:07:pm
The majority of the manpower supply from Nepal is dominant with semi-skilled and low skilled manpower, with the majority working at construction, cleaning, hospitality, and other domestic works. Most of these migrants are from the Terai and Hill regions of Nepal. The widespread poverty, limited employment opportunity, desire to get rich within the short span of time, high value of an international currency, etc. have contributed to a great extent for increasing manpower supply from Nepal. The number of Nepalese migrant worker dramatically decreased after the devastating earthquake in 2015, since most of the people became busy in reconstruction work.
Nepalese manpower is considered cheaper to hire in comparison to migrant workers from other countries. Similarly, they are also considered, to be honest, and hard working. They segregate most of their earning for remitting to their home. At each munch, they reflect upon the condition of their family members. From the sweat shed in abroad, the education fees of their children, the new houses or repairing of the current ones, etc. are carried out. They aren't there to enjoy and celebrate their earnings, rather make the dream of their family members come true; to make a landmark shift in their lifestyles.
The selection of manpower goes through a deliberate process of evaluation, selection, agreement, and finalization. At first, the vacancies are published in mass media and websites. Then, the applications of candidates start to flood in. Then, the applications are thoroughly screened so as to ensure that the candidates are qualified to the level of experience and academic qualifications demanded in the published job vacancies. Then, the selected candidates are called for preliminary interview. Here, the agency shall evaluate that the candidate possesses the claimed experience and academic qualifications. All those who aren't found to be bona fide are rejected straight away, without bothering for further proceeding. A service agreement is made between the agency and the candidate who is deemed fit for the vacancy of the post abroad. The candidate is requested for legal and other procedures. In addition to that, the agency is required to provide any training required for the job. Further, such agency is also required to provide an orientation on the culture the candidate is required to adapt into. Such orientation programs help the potential worker to minimize the possible cultural shock after landing on the foreign ground.
There have been some tragic stories of the death of migrant workers. It is sad to say, due to the sham of some manpower agencies, they are staking the lives of these ambitious workers. These sorts of news have demoralized the whole agency business and have aroused lots and lots of suspicions when one has to choose an agency somehow.  Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manpower agency from Nepal that has been successfully placing a number of migrants workers across the globe since years. We have been gaining the trust and faith of people and are committed to render the best service we can give to our Nepalese workers.