Major services of manpower agency in Nepal

Published On: Nov 17, 2017 12:46:pm
The major services of manpower agency in Nepal
Manpower agency in Nepal has proper coordination with recruitment companies/agents and the company seeking for the employees abroad. After these companies receive demand from the concerned company and agent, they publish advertisement in national dailies and other form of mass media. Once the advertisements are published, applications for the stated work start to come. The manpower agency scans these applications, the details, qualifications, and experience the potential candidate have to have to do the work. Then, if the candidate doesn't meet the minimum criteria, either s/he is withdrawn from the further processing, or the respective training is provided, if it is the issue of training.
When the qualification and experience of the candidate matches with that required by the work, the candidate is called for an interview. And, in this interview, if goes successfully, a service agreement is signed between the manpower agency and the candidate. The agency asks for further procedure and testing, and legal process. After the successful completion of all these formalities, and service contract between the company abroad and the candidate, the candidates are trained for the applied work. However, the services of manpower Nepal doesn't end here, the agency is also expected to provide cultural orientation program to avoid any cultural shock once the candidate reaches the foreign land.
Recruitment agency in Nepal also provide career counseling services. They talk to the candidates in detail about what s/he has to do abroad. Hospitality, household works, cleaning, manufacturing, construction, and security guards are some of the dominant sectors the employees are found to be working at. Most of these works required semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower. However, there has also been increasing demand of skilled human force in abroad countries. Mostly, people from the Hilly and Terai region of Nepal can be found working in the gulf countries, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, etc.
Manpower agency has lot of responsibilities to fulfill before the candidate is departed from the home country. The services of these agencies start right from the acceptance of job demands from the foreign companies and agents, before the vacancies are published in national dailies and mass media. However, the major services of these agencies receipt of work demand, publishing the vacancies, receiving the applications from the candidates, verifying the job experience and qualifications required, organizing pre-interview, making service agreement, providing counseling for further procedure, training the candidates, organizing orientation programs, and ensuring that the candidate got the promised work, in the promised duration of time, with the promised payment.
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