Legalities of getting married in UAE

Published On: Aug 29, 2016 12:55:pm
You need to follow certain legalities of getting married in UAE if you plan to tie knots in UAE. So, here is the quick tips how to get married in Dubai. Many non-resident couples choose to have a blessing here instead, as you can have much more fun, and a lot less hassle. Here is the legal provision for marrying in UAE.
Both man and woman should be above 18years of age.
It is important that the bride and the groom is not related.
You must bring two witness who carry ID with them to confirm that the wedding has happened.
It would be better to contact your embassy in UAE before you plan to get married.
It is easy for you if both the bride and groom follow the same religion.
Although you do not need to be a resident in UAE to get married, it takes minimum 4 weeks for completing all paperwork.
How to get marriage licence in UAE
All Non- Muslim person have to get married in a church or at the embassy of your respective country.
If your marriage certificate is in English, your wedding certificate needs to be translated into Arabic. The translation should be done by an official translator so that it gets valid in UAE. When you get English and Arabic marriage certificate, then your certificate should be verified by Notary Public at court. After that, it should be authenticated by the Ministry of Justice and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally, you should contact the embassy of your country to obtain the Ministry of Foreign Affair authentication.
Documents required for marriage in UAE
Birth certificates
Passports and photocopies
Passports and photocopies of two witnesses
UAE Medical fitness certificate and blood test undertaken at Ministry of Health affiliated medical centres