Latest Vacancy in Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Published On: Jul 31, 2015 15:40:pm
Your search for Latest Vacancy in Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar ends here. Either visit to the office of Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. in Baneshwor or visit our website: There, you can find list of job  vacancies in foreign companies from different industries related to Hospitality and Travel, Beauty, Health, Fitness and Sports, Facilities Management, FMCG, Retail and Sales, Construction, Technical and Engineering, Finance, Accounting and Banking and Computer and IT field.

Mason, Labor, Helper, Plumbing and sanitary works, Construction Labors and Engineers, Accountant, Cleaner and Heavy Driver are popular jobs in Gulf countries. Malaysia is also attractive destination for Nepalese workers. We have got tied up with several prestigious companies in Malaysia. Contact us with your interest and qualification and we will find the best work for you. Most of the people look for driver vacancy in Kuwait. Heavy Drivers get better salary and other facilities in Kuwait. 

There is a huge demand for Nepalese girls as a Beautician in international market. We suggest you to take vocational training and learn about the language and culture of the nation before looking for foreign job opportunities.

If you are looking for highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia, then you might want to apply in Business Industry or in Medical Profession like surgeon or in Banking Industry or in IT Industry or in Media and Public Relations or in Ads and Creative Designing or apply as an English teacher.  

Keep visiting our website for updates on latest vacancy for Nepalese workers. Keep Contact Us.