Jobs in Dubai for Nepali 2017

Published On: Aug 20, 2017 13:54:pm
Dubai has remained one of the top work destined countries for Nepali since some years, and if you want to know more about jobs in Dubai for Nepali 2017, you have come to right place. Most of the Nepalese migrant workers are found to be working in a construction area, hospitality, cleaning, and other household chores. Nepalese workers are cheaper to hire in comparison to migrant workers from other countries of the world.  In addition to that, Nepalese workers are believed, to be honest, dedicated, committed and hard working. The manpower supply from Nepal is dominated by semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower. Job demand for labor, mason, plumber, helper, cleaner and sanitary worker is relatively high in Dubai. Accountant, cashier, heavy duty drivers, etc. are some skill level job demands from Dubai.
Civil engineers, IT experts, business professionals, medical professionals, heavy duty drivers, etc. are the top paying jobs in Dubai. In comparison to semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower, skilled manpower is offered with a high level of salary and better job facilities. But, the skilled manpower has a low level of statistics of flow to Dubai in comparison to other manpower. A general cook earns about AED 1800, a house keeping attendant earns about AED 950, a waiter or waitress earns about AED 950, a receptionist earns about AED 1300, a general technician earns about AED 1600, a kitchen steward or stewardess earns about AED 850, a children center hostess earns about AED 1100, a room technician or assistant technician earns about AED 1400, similarly, a pool assistant earns about AED 1200, etc. The level of salary a Nepali migrant worker gets in Dubai differs from one company to another.
\r\nThe stories of these migrant workers are tragic to hear. Most of these migrant workers belong to Terai and Hilly region of Nepal. At every gulp of food they swallow, they are shredded by the memories of their children and other family members. Working at the foreign land is an opportunity for them to make their dream real; to make a new house, to send their children to reputed and standard English school, to buy some jewelries   to wife, to treat the disease of parents and start a new business in the country after their return back to the country. Thus, a Nepalese migrant worker in Dubai has lots of stories in the unknown and foreign land of the world. The stories become worse when these migrant workers return in a coffin; shattering all the dreams and expectations. Working abroad is an opportunity they see to uplift their standard of living, to enhance their life style, to shine some wonders of dreamland. 
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