Job in Dubai for Nepali

Published On: Jun 05, 2016 17:02:pm
Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has come up with many attractive job in Dubai for Nepali. Dubai is a flourishing city that is progressing at top speed. Thus, Dubai offers one of the most favourable platform for job seekers. There is job vacancy in Dubai for Nepalese for different posts that range from laborers to CEO executives. The never ending construction work, thriving tourism, booming hospitality field, emerging IT and education field and forever busy oil industry have made huge vacancy in temporary jobs in Dubai. Most of the temporary staffs are hired from outside of Dubai. Chief countries that provide human resource to Dubai lie in south Asian region. Companies in Dubai choose worker from this region as South Asian people are cheap to hire.
Among south Asian countries, Nepalese have made high reputation in Dubai as they are loyal and dedicated towards their work. Usually, the contract period is two years. The facilities depend on the company. Most of the company offers accommodation facility but you may or may not get free food facility.
Dubai offers one of the best shopping destinations in Mid East countries. There are many departmental stores open in Dubai. So, there is also huge job in Dubai for Nepali in shopping malls and departmental stores in the position of cashier, accountant, store keeper and trolley boy.
Let us see your latest biodata so that we can advise you with high paying jobs in Dubai for Nepali according to your skill and qualification.