Job in Dubai airport for Nepali

Published On: Sep 22, 2017 15:24:pm
New Dubai Airport jobs vacancy 2017
There had been some demand in trolley services jobs in Dubai Airport for the post of Airport Premium Porter or Trolley boy. Dulsco LLC had demanded 150 such workers with total salary of AED 1100. The company demands the potential workers to work for 9 hours in a day, for 6 days in the week. Accommodation, transportation, medical facility, and insurance will be provided by the company itself. The worker himself has to arrange food. The potential workers shouldn’t be older than 37 years, and younger than 21 years. The potential workers are required to have passed secondary education, should be at least 160 cm tall and same proportioned weight. He shouldn’t be suffering from any kind of illness that might not allow him to lift a 30 kg bag, or stand for 4 hours. In addition to these, the worker should also have strong background in spoken and written English. Experience of a year in the airline or customer service shall be an added advantage.
Most of the Nepalese migrant workers are found to be working in hospitality, cleaning, house chores, and construction fields. Most of these works do not require the worker to have an advanced level of skill and knowledge. Meaning, most of the migrant workers from Nepal are semi-skilled and unskilled. Besides these, Nepalese workers are also cheaper to hire in comparison to workers from other countries. Similarly, Nepalese human resources have continuously maintained integrity, honesty, dedication, and commitment in their names. Which is why many Nepalese migrant workers are preferred from among workers from other nationalities. Since airport job in Dubai comes with lots of opportunities and advantages, candidates widely prefer latest job vacancy in Dubai airport for Nepali.
Similarly, there had been demand for 50 trolley boys, 20 airport cargo agent, 50 forklift operator, and 20 retain merchandiser from UAE airport. The trolley boys were offered AED 1,135, the airport cargo agent was offered AED 1,450 m, the forklift operator was offered AED 1,850, and the retail merchandiser was offered AEF 2500-3000. The potential workers have to work for 12 hours in a day for 6 days in a week. The company offers the accommodation, transportation, medical facilities and insurance. However, the potential workers have to arrange the food on their own.
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