How to get residence visa for your wife, children in UAE?

Published On: Sep 18, 2017 11:18:am
If you want to know about how to get residence visa for your wife, children in UAE, you have come to the correct site; we’ve covered all provisions of residence visa here.
If you want to get a residence visa for your wife, children in UAE, you have to fulfil the time slabs; you have to be earning about Dh4,000, or Dh3,000 with accommodation. However, if you want to bring your parents, you are required to be earning Dh20,000. You can bring your family only when you have applied for an entry residence visa. After their arrival, you can apply for the residence stamp. Salary certificate, typed application form, labour contract, attested birth certification of children, attested marriage certificate, attested tenancy contract, bank statement of three months, and Emirates Identity Card are the required documents that you must be ready with while applying for the visa.
If the marriage ceremony has been carried out in abroad, you have to take your marriage certificate at the relevant ministry of your home country and get it attested there, and then the UAE embassy/consulate shall stamp it. The so attested and stamped certificate has to be cross-attested by the relevant ministry in UAE. Similarly, to remain the residence visa valid, the member, who has been brought into UAE, shouldn’t stay outside UAE for more than 6 months. However, recently, on March 2016, the Family Residence Visa procedures have been updated. The family of the sponsor has to be in UAE within 60 days of issue of visa. You have to bring original documents when you show up at any typing centre. The documents include colour passport copies of family members, sponsor’s original passport, white background passport sized photographs of every family member, International Bank Account Statement, and if you have a girl children, if she is older than 18 years, you have to submit a confirmation letter in Arabic language declaring that she is unmarried, with your sign.
However, it is to be noted that the messengers, maintenance workers, mechanics, general labours, light vehicle drivers, and any other unskilled labours cannot apply for this visa.
Most of the migrant workers from Nepal working in UAE are unskilled and semi-skilled. Most of these workers work in construction, hospitality, household chores, and cleaning activities. Since unskilled labours are prohibited from applying for this visa for bringing their family members to UAE, they cannot bring their wife and children to UAE. Almost all of these workers work in UAE alone, far away from family members. They have to depart from their children, parents, and wife for working in UAE.
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