Guide to recruitment agencies in Nepal

Published On: Aug 01, 2017 15:46:pm
With the increase in foreign job opportunities, the number of recruitment agencies in Nepal has increased dramatically. Most of the migrant workers from Nepal work in hospitality, construction, cleaning and domestic chores. Majority of these works involve under skilled and unskilled activities. People from remote part and Terai region are more attracted to migrant workings. Manpower agency of Nepal has coordination with the local agent of the host country or the respective company announcing the vacancy. The rest of the process relies on the agency itself and the prospective candidate.
Job recruitment agencies in Nepal, as they receive the job vacancy, publish these work demand in print and digital media to make it known to the potential worker. They receive applications from various candidates, who may or may not be fulfilling the minimum working qualifications or requirements. The manpower agency evaluates these applications and tries to ensure that the potential candidate complies with the required qualification and experience if any, and verifies the claimed statements. After verification, the candidate is told for proceeding the preparing required documents. A proper service agreement is made between the candidate and the agency. The agency also provides an orientation program to avoid any prospective cultural shock.
Before selecting a recruitment agency, ensure that the institute has proper transparency. In Nepal recruitment agency should make the candidate clear about the possible charges for service, promotional expenditure, fight, and other similar expenses. The candidate has to be trained before sending for the foreign employment. Further, during the orientation session, the agency has to ensure that the candidate is well aware of the geography, politics, weather condition, labor law, facilities the candidate shall get in the due course of employment, etc. Also, do not forget to check the registration details and licenses of the agency before you apply for the job it announces.
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