Cost of living in Dubai Accommodation, Transportation and Food

Published On: Jul 16, 2017 14:26:pm
Being an income tax-free country, Dubai is a popular destination and the cost of living in Dubai: accommodation, transportation, and food can be quite expensive. Many people arrive at this beautiful country to make substantial savings in short time. The cost of living depends upon how you live in this country, what kinds of services and facilities you use, what food you eat and where, and so forth. A migrant worker might not want to expend much. He may live there with his bare needs fulfilled. But to make a rough estimation, a family with four persons might incur costs of Rs. 315,500, excluding rent. A single person might incur Rs. 90,404.23 excluding rent.
Normally, as a Nepalese migrant worker works in Dubai, the company or the place where he works to provide him with food and accommodation. Thus, these workers do not have to expend much. All the time, the only thing that occupies their head is—how to save money and send to home, to wife and little children. Normally, Nepali migrant workers in Dubai work in hospitality, construction, cleaning, and other domestic works. This makes clear that most of the works are either unskilled or semi-skilled. Most of them are from Terai and Hilly region of Nepal.
It's never easy for a Nepali migrant worker to expend freely and carelessly abroad. There are little faces in their domestic country waiting for their return and always talking about them in dinner. Most of these workers used to fly off, taking loan by keeping either their house or agreeable land under collateral. But the introduction of Free Visa Free Ticket incentive of the Government of Nepal has improved this condition. They always had to think about how quickly they could repay the loan and rebuilt their old houses, admit their children at nearby English school, treat the disease of mother, and buy some jewelry for the wife. Living in Dubai is a daily test and contribution for them towards the future they've imagined. Working silently, like machines, dripping with sweat, memories and faces from home ask question with them; and every day, with their effort and sweat they try to answer these memories—that the future is near, that the dream is going to be fulfilled very soon.
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