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Remittance in Nepal from foreign works

Dec 15, 2017 16:29:pm

Manpower supply from Nepal has helped gain much more remittances. Most of the workers in Nepal are found to be working in the field of construction, manufacturing, hospitality, cleaning, and other household chores. Workers do not require any extraordinary skill; most of the manpower are semi-skilled and unskilled. Nepalese dedication, commitment, and hard work has been praised highly in abroad. Nepalese manpower is less expensive to hire in comparison to other workers from other country. Foreign remittance is one of the most important sources of earnings for the government in Nepal. If you thoroughly check the belongings of the ...

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Works of manpower recruitment agency in Nepal

Dec 10, 2017 11:41:am

Most of the migrant workers from Nepal work in the field of construction, manufacturing, cleaning, and hospitality. Manpower recruitment agency in Nepal do wide range of works to ensure the workers are placed in right place with promised incentives and benefits. Most of the workers working abroad are either unskilled or semi-skilled, with very limited expertise and skills. However, the condition has improved, since you shall find lots of skilled manpower going overseas. These agencies have proper coordination and connection with international companies and agents. When these recruitment agencies of Nepal receive demands from these companies and agents, they ...

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Selecting the best recruitment agency in Nepal

Dec 04, 2017 14:22:pm

How do you select the best recruitment agency in Nepal? Selecting the best recruitment agency in Nepal can be quite a difficult job; you need to consider about several things before you make your choice, which are often influenced by either you are a jobseeker or an employer. But whoever you are, doing some researches about the agencies you know about is really important. The very first factor that you must have a close look to is its process of recruiting. Next comes questioning the agency about how the vacancy the employer is asking for fill up is actually going ...

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Why is Frontline Recruitment the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal?

Nov 26, 2017 15:41:pm

Why is Frontline Recruitment the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal? A group of experienced, proactive, dedicated, and motivated professionals, Frontline Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manpower agency in Nepal with an attractive history of successful placements across the world, and satisfied workers and companies. Licensed under Department of Foreign Employment, Ministry of Labour & Transport Management, and Government of Nepal at number 886/067/068. Following are the reasons that make us the No.1 manpower agency in Nepal: We provide placements for unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled manpower in Middle East and other countries including the countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, ...

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Major services of manpower agency in Nepal

Nov 17, 2017 12:46:pm

The major services of manpower agency in Nepal Manpower agency in Nepal has proper coordination with recruitment companies/agents and the company seeking for the employees abroad. After these companies receive demand from the concerned company and agent, they publish advertisement in national dailies and other form of mass media. Once the advertisements are published, applications for the stated work start to come. The manpower agency scans these applications, the details, qualifications, and experience the potential candidate have to have to do the work. Then, if the candidate doesn't meet the minimum criteria, either s/he is withdrawn from the further processing, ...

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No.1 Manpower agency in Nepal

Nov 10, 2017 12:08:pm

Search 'No.1 manpower agency in Nepal' and you shall find lots of websites in your result box. Almost all of these agencies have their coordination with their special companies and local agents. Whenever these companies and agents are in the need of any kind of migrant worker, they contact these special manpower agencies of Nepal. After they receive the demand, these manpower agencies publish the vacancies in several national dailies, mass media, and social media. However, due to the activities of some unregistered manpower agencies of Nepal, there had been several news of general public being cheated. The Nepali ...

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Best overseas country to work for Nepalese

Nov 03, 2017 16:19:pm

Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait, and other gulf countries are some of the best overseas country to work for Nepalese. Still, from many rural parts of Nepal, at least one adult is in abroad. However, the case is different in the case of urban areas; though many youths go abroad from the urban areas, most of the go under a student visa, which is not the case with the scenario mentioned before. Most of the human resource outflow from the hilly and Terai region are semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower. Also, the majority of these people work in the construction ...

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Free visa free ticket jobs in Dubai for Nepali

Oct 29, 2017 14:19:pm

Dubai has been attracting lots of Nepalese workers due to tax-free income, plenty of work opportunities, global exposure, and safety and security. In addition to that Dubai is the place where workers from several different nationalities come, including Nepalese. This is why, whenever there’s a job vacancy in Dubai for Nepalese, the number of applicants flood. Hospitality, construction, cleaning and other household chores are some of the best sectors where Nepalese migrant workers are found working dominantly. However, security jobs in Dubai for Nepali are also inviting lots of migrant workers. Most of these Nepalese are from Terai and ...

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Working visa for Dubai from Nepal

Oct 13, 2017 15:01:pm

Since some years back, Dubai has been one of the top destined countries among Nepalese migrant workers; and there has been increasing demand for working visa for Dubai from Nepal. Most of the manpower are unskilled and semi-skilled, which is why most of them are involved in construction, household chores, cleaning, and hospitality works. Government’s scheme of Free Ticket Free Visa has encouraged the outflow of the migrant workers. Because companies in Dubai pay handsome amount, attractive allowances and other benefits and incentives, Nepalese people increasingly search for jobs in Dubai for Nepali. Some of the incentives and benefits ...

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Are you looking for an opportunity or a job vacancy from Nepal?

Sep 26, 2017 12:22:pm

Working abroad has been almost everybody’s dream in Nepal. No matter whether you are skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled, you shall get works tallying with your academic qualification and experience in Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, and other countries. We have reliable and trusted coordination with several companies and local agents in overseas for job opportunities in the gulf for Nepali. Looking for the job in Dubai? Rest assured about the job vacancy in Dubai for Nepali, you shall get the promised work with promised facilities. We are the perfect solution for every kind of work you are looking for in abroad. After ...

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Job in Dubai airport for Nepali

Sep 22, 2017 15:24:pm

New Dubai Airport jobs vacancy 2017 There had been some demand in trolley services jobs in Dubai Airport for the post of Airport Premium Porter or Trolley boy. Dulsco LLC had demanded 150 such workers with total salary of AED 1100. The company demands the potential workers to work for 9 hours in a day, for 6 days in the week. Accommodation, transportation, medical facility, and insurance will be provided by the company itself. The worker himself has to arrange food. The potential workers shouldn’t be older than 37 years, and younger than 21 years. The potential workers are required ...

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How to get residence visa for your wife, children in UAE?

Sep 18, 2017 11:18:am

If you want to know about how to get residence visa for your wife, children in UAE, you have come to the correct site; we’ve covered all provisions of residence visa here. If you want to get a residence visa for your wife, children in UAE, you have to fulfil the time slabs; you have to be earning about Dh4,000, or Dh3,000 with accommodation. However, if you want to bring your parents, you are required to be earning Dh20,000. You can bring your family only when you have applied for an entry residence visa. After their arrival, you can apply ...

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Overseas job services from Nepal

Sep 03, 2017 15:33:pm

After the end of the 10-year civil war in Nepal, with the increase in the overseas job services from Nepal, the number of Nepalese migrant workers going abroad has also been dramatically increased. You shall find a number of international overseas services in Nepal claiming to be providing overseas job solution in Nepal. These service providers receive a demand for the workers directly or via agents. They, then publish the job vacancies in the several local and national dailies, some other make radio or TV broadcasts; these are how these overseas job services from Nepal reach the labor market. ...

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Types of recruitment that foreign clients offer to Nepali workers

Aug 27, 2017 13:09:pm

Mostly, the types of recruitment that foreign clients offer to Nepali workers include working in the construction field, hospitality, cleaning, maintenance and repairs, and other household jobs. Nepalese migrant workers have been going to Malaysia, the Gulf States and other South east Asian countries since quite a few years. A class division has been cited in terms of the working destination countries, such as poor people prefer India, Malaysia, and the Gulf States; while rich people prefer South Korea, Japan, Europe and North America. The Government of Nepal started the provision of Free Visa Free Ticket according to which ...

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Jobs in Dubai for Nepali 2017

Aug 20, 2017 13:54:pm

Dubai has remained one of the top work destined countries for Nepali since some years, and if you want to know more about jobs in Dubai for Nepali 2017, you have come to right place. Most of the Nepalese migrant workers are found to be working in a construction area, hospitality, cleaning, and other household chores. Nepalese workers are cheaper to hire in comparison to migrant workers from other countries of the world.  In addition to that, Nepalese workers are believed, to be honest, dedicated, committed and hard working. The manpower supply from Nepal is dominated by semi-skilled and ...

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Manpower supply from Nepal

Aug 07, 2017 13:07:pm

The majority of the manpower supply from Nepal is dominant with semi-skilled and low skilled manpower, with the majority working at construction, cleaning, hospitality, and other domestic works. Most of these migrants are from the Terai and Hill regions of Nepal. The widespread poverty, limited employment opportunity, desire to get rich within the short span of time, high value of an international currency, etc. have contributed to a great extent for increasing manpower supply from Nepal. The number of Nepalese migrant worker dramatically decreased after the devastating earthquake in 2015, since most of the people became busy in reconstruction ...

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Guide to recruitment agencies in Nepal

Aug 01, 2017 15:46:pm

With the increase in foreign job opportunities, the number of recruitment agencies in Nepal has increased dramatically. Most of the migrant workers from Nepal work in hospitality, construction, cleaning and domestic chores. Majority of these works involve under skilled and unskilled activities. People from remote part and Terai region are more attracted to migrant workings. Manpower agency of Nepal has coordination with the local agent of the host country or the respective company announcing the vacancy. The rest of the process relies on the agency itself and the prospective candidate. Job recruitment agencies in Nepal, as they receive the job ...

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Cost of living in Dubai Accommodation, Transportation and Food

Jul 16, 2017 14:26:pm

Being an income tax-free country, Dubai is a popular destination and the cost of living in Dubai: accommodation, transportation, and food can be quite expensive. Many people arrive at this beautiful country to make substantial savings in short time. The cost of living depends upon how you live in this country, what kinds of services and facilities you use, what food you eat and where, and so forth. A migrant worker might not want to expend much. He may live there with his bare needs fulfilled. But to make a rough estimation, a family with four persons might incur ...

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Oil & Gas jobs in Dubai for Nepali

Jul 09, 2017 15:30:pm

Mostly Nepalese migrant workers are low-skilled and semi-skilled, and the opportunity in oil & gas jobs in Dubai for Nepali is limited. Mostly these jobs demand much experience in comparison to other works and also demand specified academic qualification. Normally Nepalese manpower is considered cheap to hire, a well-educated candidate might demand more financial facility than any other; which is the reason why the migrant workers are mostly un-skilled or less skilled. Mostly, Nepalese workers are found to be working in the hospitality industry, cleaning, construction, and domestic chores. Especially citizens from Terai and hilly region of Nepal are found ...

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Why are people attracted to Dubai?

Jun 30, 2017 12:26:pm

With so many people migrating to Dubai as a worker every year, one might wonder: why are people attracted to Dubai? The answer of this question doesn't come straight. Two different things can be discussed here: why are people migrating to gulf countries? and Why Dubai is the prime destination attraction? When we connect answers of these two different and close issues, we might come very near to the answer. Most of the people migrating to Dubai are low-skilled and semi-skilled. They are involved in hospitality, construction, cleaning, and other domestic chores. They are even cheap to hire in comparison ...

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