Best Manpower in Kathmandu- 2016

Published On: Mar 14, 2016 14:16:pm
With the increase in number of youths looking for jobs in foreign countries, so many overseas companies have grown like mushrooms in Nepal. So, how to find the best manpower in Kathmandu- 2016

Well, we share some of the tips on choosing right manpower company so that it may help you to avoid the fraud.
First and foremost, always start by looking whether the agency is registered or not. According to the Nepalese law, the manpower agency must be registered under Nepal Government, Ministry of Transport and Management. Also remember to check whether the company has its website. The industry has much evolved these days. So, all genuine manpower agencies make their online presence through their own website. Next, look for the professionalism that the staffs of foreign recruitment agencies display. The top manpower agency always hire highly trained and skilled team of professional staffs who support their clients and candidates in every way possible to ensure the mutual benefit. They always care for connecting right employee with right candidates so that both the employee and the employer might be benefitted.

The most important point is for you to decide what you want. You should be precise on your objectives. The human resource hiring company must be clear on the type of candidate that they are looking for while the candidate must be clear what he/ she wants to achieve. Do a lot of research before making decision. Look for the price and other fees that the recruitment agency charge.

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