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391 Nepali workers have died abroad in one year Jul-17-2010
Foreign Employment Promotion Board (FEPB) has reported that at least 391 Nepali workers died abroad during the fiscal year 2009/10.

FEPB suspects more number of deaths since this figure doesn't incorporate those who left Nepal for foreign employment illegally. "We failed to collect such data since no record is maintained anywhere in Nepal," said executive director of the board, Sthaneshwor Devkota.

According to Devkota, at least three deaths of Nepali workers abroad are reported on average daily.

Talking to media persons Thursday in a press conference organised by the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MLTM), Devkota informed that there are no legal provisions to compensate the family of those illegal job seekers who die abroad.

"The board provides a cash amount Rs. 100,000 to the family of legal aspirants who die abroad," he told, "We are always helpless to compensate death of an illegal worker abroad."

As per the ministry's statistics, 125 Nepali workers died alone in Saudi Arabia in the FY 2010/11. Other records included Qatar (100), Malaysia (94), Dubai (9), Oman (5), Lebanon (5), Kuwat (2) and nine from other countries.

The board also urged all to follow proper legal channels while going abroad for jobs.